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2011-2012 Junior and Senior Scholarship Recipients

The University of Akron
Pierre A. Hall, Senior, Electrical Engineering
Courtney A. Gras, Junior, Electrical Engineering
Usaaman Taugir, Junior, Civil Engineering

Case Western Reserve University
Meike H. Ernst, Senior, Aerospace/Mechanical Engineering
Eric K. Mayhew, Senior, Aerospace/Mechanical Engineering
Nicholas S. Szczecinski, Senior, Mechanical Engineering
Victoria A. Webster, Senior, Mechanical Engineering
Chung Y. (CY) Wo, Senior, Mechanical Engineering
Carmen Z. Kakish, Junior, Biomedical Engineering

Cedarville University
Michelle M. Mitchener, Senior, Chemistry
Benjamin D. Yeh, Senior, Mechanical Engineering
Justin S. Nichols, Junior, Biology
Erkai L. Watson, Junior, Mechanical Engineering

Central State University
Kristen D. Edwards, Senior, Computer Science
Candace A. Johnson, Senior, Biology
Nathaniel J. Morris, Senior, Manufacturing Engineering
Chellvie L. Brooks, Junior, Manufacturing Engineering
Beatrice M. Burse-Wooten, Junior, Manufacturing Engineering
Dominique N. Roberts, Junior, Manufacturing Engineering

University of Cincinnati
Krista M. Kirievich, Senior, Aerospace Engineering
Amanda G. McGee, Senior, Aerospace Engineering
Nathan A. Wukie, Senior, Aerospace Engineering
Tyler J. Vick, Junior, Aerospace Engineering
Alex R. Walker, Junior, Aerospace Engineering

Cleveland State University
David J. Sadey, Senior, Electrical Engineering
Carré D. Scheidegger, Senior, Electrical Engineering
Ciara C. Seitz, Senior, Chemical Engineering
Charles F. Tillie, Senior, Chemical Engineering

University of Dayton
Robert W. Davidoff, Senior, Aerospace/Mechanical Engineering
Evan R. Kemp, Senior, Chemical Engineering
Winston L. Black, II, Junior, Chemical Engineering
Leslie A. Sollmann, Junior, Mechanical Engineering

Marietta College
Aaron M. Balderson, Senior, Petroleum Engineering
Jennifer E. Masters, Senior, Petroleum Engineering
Matthew C. Boothe, Junior, Petroleum Engineering
James P. Houck, Junior, Petroleum Engineering

Miami University
Laura M. Bendula, Senior, Mechanical Engineering
Martha E. Garasky, Senior, Computer Engineering
Stephen E. Lai, Senior, Mechanical Engineering
Robert A. Sinko, Senior, Mechanical Engineering/Statistics
Harrison W. Bourne, Junior, Electrical Engineering
Michael P. Karnes, Junior, Mechanical Engineering

Ohio Northern University
Stephanie D. Ash, Senior, Physics
Derick S. Endicott, Senior, Mechanical Engineering
Matthew G. Smith, Senior, Mechanical Engineering
Nicholas S. Jones, Junior, Mechanical Engineering
Logan M. Kingen, Junior, Mechanical Engineering

Ohio University
Joseph M. DiBenedetto, Senior, Electrical Engineering

The University of Toledo
Alena M. Barga, Senior, Bioengineering
Joseph P. Montion, Junior, Chemical Engineering

Wilberforce University
Tanisha M. Brinson, Senior, Computer Science
Malcolm X. Haraway, Senior, Computer Engineering
Jasmine N. Irvin, Senior, Computer Engineering
Michael D. Williams, Senior, Computer Engineering
Christopher A. Adams, Junior, Electrical Engineering
Mahogany M. Williams, Junior, Computer Engineering

Wright State University
Rachel L. Bryant, Senior, Electrical Engineering
Isiah A. Kendall, Senior, Biomedical Engineering
Matthan B. Sink, Senior, Computer Science
Benita I. Gowker, Junior, Electrical Engineering
Kevin M. Hatcher, Junior, Biomedical Engineering

Youngstown State University
Garrick M. Brant, Junior, Chemical Engineering
Aubrey A. Garland, Junior, Mechanical Engineering

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