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Current OSGC Scholarship and Fellowship Recipients

2015-2016 Fellowship Recipients

Cleveland State University
Daniel G. Gerges, MS1, Mechanical Engineering

Kent State University
Dulcinea M. Avouris, PhD 2, Applied Geology

The Ohio State University
Michael G. Wood, PhD 2, Electrical Engineering
Achal Singhal, MS 1, Mechanical Engineering
Sloan M. Zimmerman, MS 1, Mechanical Engineering

2015-2016 Junior and Senior Scholarship Recipients

The University of Akron
Sofia Chinchilla, Senior, Biomedical Engineering
DeGrafth A. Palmore, Junior, Electrical Engineering
Olivia L. Petrey, Junior, Biomedical Engineering

Case Western Reserve University
Kayla B. Andersen, Junior, Mechanical Engineering
Catherine M. Passmore, Senior, Mechanical Engineering
Valerie A. Weaver, Junior, Mechanical Engineering

Cedarville University
Calvin J. Anderson, Senior, Geology
Grace A. Revenaugh, Senior, Biology
Joseph R. Morin, Junior, Mechanical Engineering

Central State University
Josephine Johnson, Junior, Water Resources Management
Maimouna Ndao, Junior, Chemistry
Lauren B. Pinder, Junior, Manufacturing Engineering

University of Cincinnati
Jeffrey E. Bennett, Junior, Aerospace Engineering
Nathaniel L. Richards, Junior, Aerospace Engineering
Liberty M. Shockley, Junior, Aerospace Engineering

Cleveland State University
Jodi C. Turk, Senior, Mechanical Engineering and Mathematics

University of Dayton
Annastacia C. Bennett, Senior, Biology
Colleen J. Bransley, Senior, Physics and Mechanical Engineering
Raymmond K. Hall, Senior, Physics and Mechanical Engineering

Kent State University
Shannon K. Hunter, Senior, Geology
Andrew J. Knueven, Senior, Applied Engineering
Miguel R. D. Richey, Senior, Aerospace System Engineering Technology

Marietta College
Myles A. Shade, Senior, Petroleum Engineering
Shaun T. Stoner, Senior, Petroleum Engineering
Blair M. Wilson, Senior, Petroleum Engineering

Miami University
Alan J. Ehret, Junior, Electrical Engineering
Adam L. Reece, Junior, Mechanical Engineering
Joshua G. Smith, Senior, Mechanical Engineering

Ohio Northern University
Rebekah G. Douglass, Senior, Mechanical Engineering
Michael V. Potter, Senior, Mechanical Engineering
Kayla M. Hummell, Junior, Mechanical Engineering

The Ohio State University
Sara E. Mahaffey, Senior, Aerospace Engineering
Alex F. Miller, Senior, Aerospace Engineering
Dennis Omari, Senior, Aerospace Engineering

Ohio University
Maureen A. Dean, Senior, Biological Sciences
Sara C. Sand, Junior, Engineering Physics

The University of Toledo
Caleb R. Heitkamp, Senior, Mechanical Engineering
Kia N. Potts, One-Semester Senior, Mechanical Engineering
Bruce G. Tokar, Jr., Junior, Mechanical Engineering

Wright State University
Lazette M. Carter, Junior, Biomedical Engineering
Joanna A. Fadel, Junior, Biomedical Engineering
Erica G. Meadows, Senior, Materials Engineering

Youngstown State University
Michael J. Radetic, Senior, Chemical Engineering
Elizabeth A. Rogenski, Junior, Mechanical Engineering, Physics, and Astronomy

2015-2016 Community College Scholarship Recipients

Columbus State Community College
Michelle R. Weber, Sophomore, Construction Management
Joseph M. Wisner, Sophomore, Construction Management

2015-2016 Education Scholarship Recipients

The University of Akron
Ann J. Klindworth, Senior, Middle Childhood Education, Science and Mathematics

Cedarville University
Abigail M. Fleming, Junior, Middle Childhood Education, Science and Mathematics

Cleveland State University
Kristen R. Schuler, Senior, Adolescent to Young Adult (AYA), Mathematics and Physics

Kent State University
Stacey N. Forte, Adolescent to Young Adult (AYA), Mathematics and Physics

Marietta College
Emilia M. Jacobs, Senior, Early Childhood Education

Miami University
Lindsey A. States, Sophomore, Adolescent to Young Adult Education, Mathematics

Ohio Northern University
Kelly E. MacDonald, Post Baccalaureate, Middle Childhood Education, Mathematics

Ohio University
Ellen N. Conrath, Sophomore, Early Childhood Education

University of Cincinnati
Chelsea R. Myers, Senior, Early Childhood Education

University of Dayton
Jenna N. Baechle, Junior, Middle Childhood Education, Mathematics and Science

Wright State University
Richard A. Dillow, Post Baccalaureate, Middle Childhood Education, Mathematics and Science

The OSGC would like to recognize Choose Ohio First, the Nord Family Foundation, and the Nordson
Corporation Foundation for providing financial support to our Scholarship and Fellowship program!

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