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Current OSGC Scholarship and Fellowship Recipients

2013-2014 Fellowship Recipients

Case Western Reserve University
Lauren M. Smith, MS 1, Mechanical Engineering

University of Cincinnati
Robert D. Knapke, PhD 3, Aerospace Engineering
Nicholas S. Heeb, PhD 2, Aerospace Engineering

The Ohio State University
Luis C. Herrera, PhD 1, Electrical Engineering
Nathaniel J. Morris, MS 2, Electrical Engineering
Ethan S. Chaleff, MS 1, Nuclear Engineering

University of Dayton
Micheal Eric Burba, PhD 2, Materials Engineering
Robyn L. Bradford, PhD 1, Materials Engineering

2013-2014 Junior and Senior Scholarship Recipients

The University of Akron
Kenneth W. Smith, Jr., Senior, Aerospace Engineering
Daniel J. Gerber, Junior, Biomedical Engineering
Abel S. Pietros, Junior, Biomedical Engineering

Case Western Reserve University
David M. Chrzanowski, Senior, Mechanical Engineering
Derek E. Muff, Senior, Mechanical/Aerospace Engineering
Gabriel C. Nastac, Senior, Mechanical/Aerospace Engineering
Dora Wu, Senior, Mechanical Engineering
David R. Moore, Junior, Mechanical/Aerospace Engineering
Andrea S. Terrasi, Junior, Mechanical/Aerospace Engineering

Cedarville University
Malia B. Amling, Senior, Electrical Engineering
Austin M. Krueger, Senior, Biology
Dylan J. McKevitt, Junior, Geology
Zachary J. Sirois, Junior, Biology

Central State University
Rakim M. Tyler, Senior, Chemistry
Talion M. Grace, Junior, Manufacturing Engineering
Silas A. McCall, Junior, Manufacturing Engineering
Chidiobi J. Nwagu, Junior, Manufacturing Engineering
Daniel Peoples, Jr., Junior, Environmental Engineering/Water Resources Management

University of Cincinnati
Nicholas J. Schwartz, Senior, Aerospace Engineering
Brandon M. Cook, Junior, Aerospace Engineering
Kyle A. Flenar, Junior, Aerospace Engineering
Andrea M. Gillis, Junior, Aerospace Engineering
Jacob R. Holden, Junior, Aerospace Engineering
Owen B. R. Macmann, Junior, Aerospace Engineering
Sophia M. Mitchell, Junior, Aerospace Engineering

Cleveland State University
Joshua M. Cmar, Senior, Chemical Engineering
James R. Sadey, Senior, Electrical Engineering
Teisha L. N. Mullins, Junior, Chemical Engineering

University of Dayton
Michelle A. Heidemann, Senior, Mechanical Engineering
Caroline E. Wise, Senior, Chemical Engineering

Kent State University
Chelsea D. Atkins, Junior, Air Traffic Control

Marietta College
Benjamin W. Daniell, Senior, Petroleum Engineering
Jeffrey H. Lucas, Senior, Petroleum Engineering
Eric C. Onacila, Senior, Petroleum Engineering
Erica M. Ohler, Junior, Petroleum Engineering

Miami University
James T. Morton, Senior, Computer Science/Electrical Engineering
Peter E. Siegfried, Senior, Physics/ Mechanical Engineering
Ryan M. Ettenhofer, Junior, Mechanical Engineering
Erik M. Humfleet, Junior, Mechanical Engineering/Manufacturing Engineering

Ohio Northern University
Adam O. Black, Senior, Mechanical Engineering
Andrew F. Starr, Senior, Mechanical Engineering
Camden C. Brown, Junior, Mechanical Engineering
Daniel M. Herting, Junior, Mechanical Engineering

The Ohio State University
James B. Lewis, Senior, Aeronautical & Aerospace Engineering
Achal Sudhir Singhal, Senior, Mechanical Engineering

Ohio University
Matthew B. Weaver, Senior, Electrical Engineering

The University of Toledo
Brittany M. Wilkewitz, Senior, Chemical Engineering
Jon W. Wimer, Senior, Bioengineering
Taylor C. Killian, Junior, Electrical Engineering
Rosen Dennis Jacob Smithers, Junior, Biology

Wilberforce University
Stephen O. Danquah, Senior, Computer Science
Dahrion D. Johnson, Senior, Computer Engineering
Mahogany M. Williams, Senior, Computer Engineering
Valencia L. Dove, Junior, Computer Information Systems
Ra'Shad J. McNeal, Junior, Computer/Nuclear Engineering

Wright State University
David J. Neiferd, Senior, Mechanical Engineering
Baurami S. Sun, Senior, Applied Physiology
Bassirou Seck, Junior, Electrical Engineering

Youngstown State University
Martin A. Holl, Senior, Mechanical Engineering
Alexandra M. Lincoln, Junior, Chemical Engineering

2013-2014 Community College Scholarship Recipients

Columbus State Community College
Donald E. Plott, Sophomore, Construction Management

Lakeland Community College
Laura A. Hazen, Sophomore, General Education Transfer Degree (Mathematics and Astrophysics)

Owens Community College
Anthony O. Smoktonowicz, Sophomore, Electrical/Electronics

Sinclair Community College
Edward S. Brinkerhoff, Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering

Terra State Community College
Carl W. Mesaros, Jr., Sophomore, Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technology

2013-2014 Education Scholarship Recipients

Cedarville University
Nicole A. Eutsey, Junior, Middle Childhood Education, Science and Mathematics

Central State University
Jennifer L. Foudray, Post Bacc., Adolescent to Young Adult (AYA), Life Science
Cody Wayne Brannum, Junior, Adolescent to Young Adult (AYA), Mathematics

Marietta College
Margaret C. Posendeck, Senior, Middle Childhood Education, Science and Mathematics

Miami University
Rebecca G. Armbruster, Adolescent to Young Adult (AYA), Life Science

Ohio Northern University
Kerry E. DuLaney, Senior, Adolescent to Young Adult (AYA) Education, Mathematics
Anthony J. Rader, Senior, Adolescent to Young Adult (AYA) Education, Life Sciences

University of Cincinnati
Meredith A. Stoller, Senior, Middle Childhood Education, Natural Science and Mathematics
Sarah A. Tagg, Senior, Middle Childhood Education, Science and Mathematics

University of Dayton
Erin M. Yacovoni, Senior, Middle Childhood Education, Science and Mathematics
Jennifer M. Marek, Junior, Middle Childhood Education, Science and Mathematics

Wright State University (Main and Lake Campus)
Maggie F. Demarse, Senior, Middle Childhood Education, Science and Language Arts
Kathan M. Nagel Koeller, Senior, Middle Childhood Education, Science

Youngstown State University
Joshua D. Murphy, Senior, Adolescent to Young Adult Education (AYA), Science
Kevin D. Rush, Senior, Adolescent to Young Adult Education (AYA), Science

The OSGC would like to recognize Choose Ohio First, the Nord Family Foundation, and the Nordson
Corporation Foundation for providing financial support to our Scholarship and Fellowship program!

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